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Are you planning a thrilling challenge with friends? Or a teambuilding event for you and your colleagues? Look no further! As many others, you have probably wondered how it would be to play a computer game in real life. You wouldn't have come here otherwise, right? Well, our escape games offer this opportunity!
You willingly agree to let yourself be locked up in a room, only for you to try to escape again. By solving puzzles and collecting items, you will find your way to freedom. But you only have one hour. The adrenaline rushes through your veins. Do you have what it takes?


In Area 56, you will find yourselves in a desolated area that once was Courtrai. After a mysterious explosion, an enormous heat destroyed the entire city. Forty years later, there is still no clarity on what exactly happened that day. The only remains is a bunker in the epicenter of the disaster. Many teams hve been deployed to unravel the mystery, but until now no one has returned. Now you and your team may also take a shot to find out what really happened. Will you succeed to discover what is hidden and will you escape Area 56?

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